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The IMA has developed a carefully assembled experience in one of the world’s most spectacular venue sites. Join us for a life-changing, career growing and personally pampering chapter in life. Every detail down to the table linens and menu items have been thought through to assure you of an IMPACT conference of epic levels. We’ll be addressing advances in AI, AR, organizational leadership, Internet Marketing, and other business opportunities. Singapore follows our awesome global IMPACT conferences which include Holland, Dublin, Cayman Islands, and Istanbul.


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Shaye McClory: shaye@imanetwork.org

Hall Roosevelt: hroosevelt@imanetwork.org



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The Internet Marketing Association is one of the fastest growing professional organizations in the world. Its mission is to provide a unique knowledge-sharing platform where proven internet marketing strategies are demonstrated and shared to increase each member’s value to their industry and their organization.

Join us at 5th Wellexpo Sumer Workweek Sept 5-9 2018.