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ImpactSHOW19 Schedule

8:00 AM
Breakfast, Exhibitors, Networking
9:30 AM


Maria Elena

9:33 AM

IMA Opening Video

9:33 AM
State of the (RE)Union & Chairman’s Address

Sinan Kanatsiz, Internet Marketing Association

9:43 AM

New IMA Initiatives

Sean Conrad, Internet Marketing Association & EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants

9:53 AM

The Uncommon Thread

Jeff Kearl, STANCE

10:18 AM

“Businesses Without Purpose Will Die”

Denise Roberson, Jadi Communications, fireside chat with Jeff Kearl 

10:28 AM

Pepperdine & Coca-Cola Partnership Video

10:30 AM

Shawn Herrera, Pepperdine Graziadio Business School

10:35 AM

“AI, Analytics & Automation RISK: The goal isn’t to minimize, it’s to OPTIMIZE”

Charla Griffy-Brown, Pepperdine Graziadio Business School

10:55 AM

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Fintech for your Business

Jay Symonds, Amazon (moderator)

Vikas Khorana, Ntooitive

Timothy Hogan, CONVYR

Jeanniey Mullen, DailyPay, Inc.

Perry Evoniuk, Evite

11:17 AM

Dr. Jay Calvert

11:20 AM

Global Branding Excellence

Alexis Dujan, TransPerfect

Devon Williams, TransPerfect

11:35 AM

Bruno Serato, Caterina’s Club

12:00 PM
1:15 PM

Marty O’Connor: RELENTLESS

Marty O’Connor, MOCA, interview with Mike Matuz, Matuz Venture Partners

1:25 PM

“Relationships. By Design. with Salesforce”

Heidi Reinfeld, Rick Munoz, Adriana Sesana, Yi Leng Lee, and Adam Doti – Salesforce

Jesse Walker, EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants

Sean Conrad, IMA (moderator)

1:55 PM

Cannabis Revolution

Andy Fathollahi, The Kanvas Co.

Yaniv Kotler, Honest Globe Inc.

Nick Kovacevich, Kushco Holdings Inc.

Victor Cho, Evite

2:15 PM

Kevin Li, The Magic Castle

2:25 PM

“Amplifii Your Influence”

Rene Rodriguez, Volentum

2:37 PM

“From Rookie to Veteran”

Jedidiah Collins, Brighton Jones

2:47 PM

“Modern Marketing is Accessible Marketing”

Christi Olson, Microsoft

3:07 PM
UGC, Internet 3.0

Neel Grover, Indi

Randy Hetrick, TRX

3:15 PM

User Generated Content, Influencers & Engagement

Neel Grover, Indi

Randy Hetrick, TRX

Scott Mencken, Move Inc.

Tariq Kursheed, CSI

3:32 PM

Richard Lumsden, SOCi

3:32 PM

“Make Them Feel”

Chad Jordan, Sports Clips

3:44 PM

Dropping Bombs

Brad Lea, LightSpeed VT

4:04 PM
IEC Panel

Overcoming Business Challenges and the Role of Culture and Vision for 2020

Kevin Maloney, International Executive Council (moderator)

David Latona, Tompkins International

Kendra Rommel, Civic Financial Services

Kamin Samuel

Matt Nicosia, Vivakor Inc

4:27 PM

Discovery. Creativity. Proof. 

Don Donovan, Sean Hardwick, Erik Leist – Baker Street

4:47 PM

From Walnuts to Wall Street – Scaling and Growing your business

Brandon Dawson, Cardone Ventures

5:07 PM

Mind. Body. World.

Frank LaFerla, UCI BioSci

5:10 PM

“Digital Transformation in Telemedicine”

Dr. Oz (live by satellite)

5:20 PM
Interview Q/A

Palmer Luckey, Anduril Industries & Oculus VR

Sinan Kanatsiz, IMA

5:40 PM

Ken Berrick, Seneca Family of Agencies

5:45 PM

Journey of Growing an Agency

Cody Kearns, iComeUp Marketing

5:55 PM
Startup Pitch Challenge


Carey Ransom, Accelerate OC

Brandon Dawson, Cardone Ventures

Shawn Dougherty, EXOIO & Mophie

Sean Burke, Channelstars



Eyal Kotler


Theresa Vuong

Akhan Semiconductor

Adam Khan


Danielle Daly

Eric Lundbohm

6:27 PM
6:42 PM
8:00 PM
Dinner at the NoMad Restaurant